Our Services

INTEGRATEIT offers a variety of services of businesses of all sizes!

We have expertise in Project and Portfolio Management, Solutions Engineering, Networking, GSA Schedule Submission & Management and even offer Project Proposal Services.

Our Services

Portfolio Management

Project and Portfolio Management

An improved “bottom up” approach, our Project and Portfolio Managers focus on improving project data and then providing ongoing reporting with actionable metrics. Our PMs work closely with the entire project team including users and stakeholders to plan, organize and allocate resources effectively for project successes

Software Development

Software Development

We specialize in full life cycle development from inception to delivery using a variety of web-based technologies. Our teams use the Agile development methodology to rapidly deliver high quality software while frequently receiving feedback from our customers.

GSA Scheduling & Maintenance

GSA Schedule Submission & Management

Leave GSA Schedule submission and modifications to someone who has successfully been through it. After award, we can assist you with GSA contract cost schedules, marketing and GSA compliance

PersonL Intranet

Personal Small Business Intranet Solutions

With PersonL, a customizable, access controlled intranet solution that includes a billable time, document, event and employee management, your small businesses can gain years of operational maturity without costly investment

Solutions Engineering

System Engineering

Our systems engineers rely on years of experience with our customers’ technical infrastructure, and also bring to the table a vast knowledge of how other entities are solving technology problems across a rapidly developing business environment.

Proposal Service

Proposal Service

We will work hand in hand with our clients to develop a winning strategy within scope, schedule and budget. Specific services include technical writing, red team reviews, cost proposal development and auditing and production

Data Analytics

Data Science

Our data scientists can transform your data into insightful visualizations that enable you to make better, data informed decisions.