Government Client 3

integrateIT has served in various roles supporting the development and implementation of the Integrated Project View (IPV), a standardized enterprise portfolio management organization and reporting effort for a federal government organization, as well as the implementation of Primavera Project Management (TeamPlay) across all of the offices within the organization. As a result, the organization is now compliant with major Congressional and Portfolio Management requirements such as capturing the value of Internal Use Software (IUS), reporting Earned Value, and integrating its financial data.

integrateIT resources led the design and successful implementation of Primavera Project Management templates to all of offices of the organization. These templates, which were vetted and approved by the government managers, satisfy one of the organization’s strategic initiatives for FY10, which is to have the organization operate as a business. The FY10 templates allow them to use Primavera as a single data source for all portfolio management data, which facilitates corporate reporting, improves configuration management, eliminates the need for multiple data repositories, and reduces data inaccuracies.

integrateIT resources led each phase of the FY10 Primavera Project Management template implementation effort. In addition to developing training materials, such as PowerPoint slides and Word documents, that were shared across the organization’s personnel, integrateIT resources developed classroom training sessions that were presented to various forums, boards, and customizable presentations for each branch. integrateIT resources assisted with, and often principally created, the FY10 master schedules for over 120 projects. This included monitoring the project’s master schedules, and integrating the schedules with pertinent budget and funding data, such as labor, non-labor, and overhead expense data. The result of this effort is that each project will be able to report on the health of their project schedules against the project baseline, to include schedule and cost performance metrics.

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