Government Client 2

integrateIT has served in various roles supporting the growth and development of a federal government organization’s front office and the project management processes used throughout their enterprise. We have worked to increase efficiencies through integration of project management and financial tools, project management processes, and consolidated reporting.

integrateIT staff members have been essential to the integration of the software with many of the organization’s business applications. Past integrations included the organization with Primavera Project Management (TeamPlay), all of which automated several steps of the billing and invoicing workflows, greatly reducing input errors and shortening the time required to process the bills into the organization’s financial systems. These resources also provide one-on-one and group level PM support, serving as liaisons between PMs and the Front Office. They are often required to prepare executive reports on enterprise project health, financial status, resources, and pricing that allow government managers to make informed business decisions. The project management expertise and level of support provided by integrateIT staff has proven crucial to the growth and success of project management at this government organization.

One particular success with this organization was meeting a very ambitious deadline for the transition to a new financial system. All interfaces were required to be developed and tested within a short time frame, and to avoid any delays, our project team met frequently with the government management, keeping them informed of our progress. This project included the creation of a billing interface allowing the monthly transmission of financial data collected through the Primavera Project Management to the new financial system. The interface also generated customer invoices which were automatically sent to customers upon the completion of each billing period. This effort created a huge improvement in efficiency for the government finance officers, business manager, project managers, as well as their direct customers.

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