integrateIT Charity Tourney 2014!


Every year the company puts on a bracket pool for our staff. This year the winner will receive a $250 prize, and an additional $250 to contribute to the charity of their choice! Our president Geoff Keller has shared his thoughts in his latest blog post on how we enjoy coming together as a company to have a little fun and support the causes we care most about.

Here are this year's players and the charities they are playing for:

Amanda S. Fisher House Foundation
Lee I. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)
Christopher H. Washington Literacy Center
Greg S. Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research
Lorraine V. Still Brave
Geoff K. Hope For the Warriors
Katie K. Fairfax FISH
Michael E. Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART)
Pete P. Rowley Family Fund
Tim K. Carnegie Institution for Science
Rachel R. Make A Wish Mid Atlantic
David B. Jason Beach Foundation
John L. Habitat For Humanity
Allen C. Infant Crisis Services, Inc.
Brian S. Polaris Project
CeCe C.D. Susan G. Komen

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  1. […] This has turned into a really fun event that we put on each year because it let’s our staff play for bragging rights and do a little trash talking but it also allows us to get some exposure for some great charities that mean a lot to the people that work for integrateIT. The pool is simple (and is free to enter). Fill out a bracket and pick a charity. If you win, you get $250 for yourself and $250 for your charity. This year we have another list of great charities that we are playing for. Here is the list of them: […]