Software Development

Software Development

The INTEGRATEIT technical team is highly motivated and driven to produce efficient solutions using the latest advancements in technology. We specialize in full life cycle development from inception to delivery using a variety of web-based technologies. Our teams use the Agile development methodology to rapidly deliver high quality software while frequently receiving feedback from our customers. INTEGRATEIT LLC Developers specialize in:


Software Requirements Capture

INTEGRATEIT Software Developers analyze high-level requirements and create comprehensive, scalable solutions that are tailored to fit customers’ development needs. As practice, our developers review our models and prototypes with Customer stakeholders early and throughout the design process to identify gaps and eliminate potential conflict with upstream or downstream systems.

Software Design

From automated problem solving tools to large scale business applications, INTEGRATEIT software developers build solutions to high standards of quality and complete requirements coverage. Comprehensive skill sets and familiarity with multiple programming languages and data models are what keep our developers ahead of the technology curve.

Software Testing

INTEGRATEIT Quality Assurance engineers are committed to breaking software by any means necessary. Their use of white and black-box approaches to functional testing enhances our development teams’ ability to produce quality code fully covering business requirements. Our engineers eliminate the need for unnecessary manual retesting of core functionality by using automation techniques for regressions throughout iterations of ongoing development, improving operational efficiency.