This year, Chris H. has directed his $1000 employee charitable contribution to the Green St. Rescue, in honor of his best pal Jonny on his birthday.  Green St. Rescue are focused on rescuing stray and homeless cats and practicing TNRM** ( Trap, Neuter, Return, Manage) for the feral cats in the city of Philadelphia. Their mission also includes finding foster homes and eventual adoptions for the friendly rescues.
Jonny has been volunteering his time and energy with Green St. and their partner organization Le Cat Café for several years now. The Cat Café is a unique adoption platform, allowing potential adopters to interact with the cats prior to making a decision to adopt. Jonny manages the information technology systems for the Rescue and the Café, and serves as the lead developer for their web presence.  He also routinely fosters cats as they seek forever homes through the rescue’s adoption services. It is so important to him that these animals get the loving care they need and find the perfect home they deserve. We’re inspired by Jonny’s dedication to this great cause and want to highlight his contributions to rescuing these animals.
If you’d like to support Green St. Rescue, click here!