We have an opening for a Technical Writer that will only need a CI Poly and 6-10 yrs experience. Position will be located in Vienna and then moving to Bethesda in July. Please see the full description attached below.
We still have finance and admin openings as well.
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NMEC communications Editor executes a marketing plan; develops Style Guides, and euality Assurance Standard Operating Procedures; ensures all official NMEC responses, reports, published articles, and technical documents are appropriately edited and formatted prior to release, updates share documents and maintains records management.

The contractor shall ensure 100% of all documents and publications are reviewed, edited, and coordinated for accuracy, compliance with dissemination and classification restrictions, and compliance with all current guidelines. The support includes, but is not limited to:

Assisting NMEC in the development of a comprehensive communications to communicate the full scope of NMEC capabilities to current and future customers. The Contractor shall identify current and new customer needs to improve NMEC’s communications, and ensure resources continue to flow to NMEC from customers and partners bv:

Supporting NMEC in researching, collating, formatting, and editing NMEC official responses. Performing quality assurance for complex and highly technical documents according to established guidelines, by ensuring contractor personnel are fully qualified and continually trained in both the technical understanding of NMEC’s production and in current manuals and guides regarding correspondence, style, and security classification.

Developing and implementing Style Guides and SOPs for quality assurance that are relevant to NMEC and adhere to the Style Guides of DoD/DIA. while DIA and DoD writing guides and correspondence manuals exist, there is need for a comprehensive NMEC guide that encompasses technical aspects of reporting of exploitation results, intelligence products, and official correspondence.

Following DoD/DIA records management instruction and guidelines to assist in ensuring
procedures are followed for the proper maintenance, storage and destruction ofall types of
records and correspondence. The Contractor shall work across NMEC to ensure collaboration and understanding of records management for filing/saving official records to the central filing system (hard and soft) and for reviewing documents for destruction or retirements. Update and maintain NMEC HQ and Enterprise Integration Share point documents to ensure relevant and most current correspondence information is available to customers.

Coordinating, staffing, and assisting NMEC in managing tasks associated with preparation and release of documents, as well as tracking released documents. The contractor shall assist in developing more efficient means of coordinating, approving, editing, revising through more effective use of automation for managing coordination. The Contractor shall assist in revising and recommending more efficient standard procedures and processes at the center.

Researching, writing, and editing documents and coordinate related graphic production as
assigned. The Contractor shall work across the Center and support all NMEC entities to ensue synchronization and reinforcement of the NMEC strategic communications plans. This support includes editing and guiding other offices in their writing contributions. In this manner, the conhactor shall perform as an NMEC force multiplier to ensure correct, accurate, and coordinated communications ofNMEC capabilities and efforts. The Contractor should have 6- 10 years communications and editing background.