integrateIT is proud to contribute to RN Shelly Coppock’s upcoming mission work on behalf of the International Children’s Heart Foundation and Los Cabos Childrens Foundation.  Shelly’s team volunteers their time to travel to underdeveloped counties, bringing the medical skills, supplies, and treatments available in the United States to places across the globe.  Without the services and donations of Shelly’s team,  children would not survive.  Basic needs like dental hygiene and food are not always met,  and resources to have life saving cardiac surgeries are not available.  Through donations, Shelly’s team is able to gather resources to bring on their mission including gauze, bandages, intravenous supplies, medications, blankets for patients, and resource manuals for the staff of the counties that they are visiting.  Shelly’s team works 16-20 hour days for upwards of two weeks while in the country, often treating patients that have walked hundreds of miles just to receive medical care. For information on how you can donate to the International Children’s Heart Foundation and Los Cobos Childrens mission works, please email