integrateIT has made a donation in support of Kyles Kamp. Kyles Kamp was created in 2010 when a local child named Kyle was diagnosed with Leukemia. It started as a website that was set up to keep family and friends updated on Kyles status and has turned into a charity that has raised over $1.3 million for pediatric cancer research. The signature event is a youth baseball tournament that took place in May with opening ceremonies at Nationals Park. The tournament gives area youth the opportunity to learn that these are just normal kids that want to be just like them and also gets them to raise money for the cause. Each team is also assigned an ambassador that “joins” their team for the weekend. This honorary team member is a child that has been diagnosed with the disease and spends time with the team cheering them on, throwing out the first pitch, and just being one of the kids on the team having fun.
For more information on this great charity please visit
Here is a picture of Gavins team, the Annandale Sluggers, and their team ambassador Ellie.