Over the past year, the integrateIT staff has maintained an ongoing volunteer program donating their time and experience to helping the Washington Literacy Center overcome technical hurdles and improve the use of IT in their office. Recently several members of our staff chipped in and contributed charitable donations to the center.  Geoff shared a few thoughts  on what it means to us to be able to make such a donation.
integrateIT is once again pleased to lend our support to the Washington Literacy Center. Recently, we learned that the WLC had a funding shortfall due to some weather impacts during last years big fund raising efforts. As a result, the WLC is faced with some real challenges which could mean significant impacts to students at the center. At our April Staff meeting, I raised the challenge to the company to think of ways we could help our friends at WLC. The integrateIT team stepped up and as a result we were able to send them a check this week for $5000 to help close their funding shortfall. This is what the integrateIT charitable giving program is all about, and we are so happy to be contributing this money to such a great cause.   – Geoff Keller