Every year the company puts on a bracket pool for our staff. This year the winner will receive a $250 prize, and an additional $250 to contribute to the charity of their choice! Our president Geoff Keller has shared his thoughts in his latest blog post on how we enjoy coming together as a company to have a little fun and support the causes we care most about.
Here are this year’s players and the charities they are playing for:
[table td1=”Employee” td2=”Charity”]
[td1]Amanda S.[/td1] [td2]Fisher House Foundation[/td2]
[td1]Lee I.[/td1] [td2]The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)[/td2]
[td1]Christopher H.[/td1] [td2]Washington Literacy Center[/td2]
[td1]Greg S.[/td1] [td2]Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research[/td2]
[td1]Lorraine V.[/td1] [td2]Still Brave[/td2]
[td1]Geoff K.[/td1] [td2]Hope For the Warriors[/td2]
[td1]Katie K.[/td1] [td2]Fairfax FISH[/td2]
[td1]Michael E.[/td1] [td2]Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART)[/td2]
[td1]Pete P.[/td1] [td2]Rowley Family Fund[/td2]
[td1]Tim K.[/td1] [td2]Carnegie Institution for Science[/td2]
[td1]Rachel R.[/td1] [td2]Make A Wish Mid Atlantic[/td2]
[td1]David B.[/td1] [td2]Jason Beach Foundation[/td2]
[td1]John L.[/td1] [td2]Habitat For Humanity[/td2]
[td1]Allen C.[/td1] [td2]Infant Crisis Services, Inc.[/td2]
[td1]Brian S.[/td1] [td2]Polaris Project[/td2]
[td1]CeCe C.D.[/td1] [td2]Susan G. Komen[/td2]