In March of 2013, integrateIT teamed with CharityChicksUS to seek out an opportunity to contribute in new ways towards the company’s core value of Community Commitment. Comparing the skills and experience of the integrateIT staff with the growing list of needs being sought from local nonprofits, an excellent match was found and the company formed a partnership with the Washington Literacy Center.The WLC’s mission is to raise the literacy level of adults in Washington DC so that they may function on the job, in the family and in society. With a large demand for available funding to be directed towards the development and implementation of literacy programs, there is very limited overhead available for technical services and the center does not currently retain an IT professional on staff. Some might say that IT is the backbone of integrateIT’s business, but it’s really about integrating the right people into a technology or business need. The same principles have been applied in the ongoing efforts with the WLC.Over the past six months, integrateIT staff have volunteered their time and skills in a variety of ways to knock down technical hurdles that have impeded the progress of the center and their students. Beginning with a complete technology audit, the volunteers assessed and prioritized the IT needs and helped the WLC decide which areas should be addressed first. As the planned activities have progressed, integrateIT volunteers have also responded tactically to unanticipated issues that come up as in any modern office environment.From resolving network connectivity issues to troubleshooting systems, completing server maintenance and even streamlining business processes, the integrateIT team has just begun to scratch the surface of the ongoing effort. Real added value is translated as working days not lost to outage. The staff is now able to access work products remotely via VPN, so unexpected inclement weather will not delay the preparation of course materials. The biggest reward for integrateIT volunteers thus far is hearing that when an unexpected problem arises, the WLC staff doesn’t experience the same sense of anxiety felt in not knowing if a solution is possible, or how much will it cost. Integrating experience and a dedication of improving the community, integrateIT is very proud of what’s been accomplished thus far and is excited to see where this partnership continues to take the Washington Literacy Center in pursuit of their amazing mission.