Training Development and Classroom Facilitation

integrateIT resources developed the Program’s enterprise portfolio management training curriculum.  This course includes a 120 page classroom guide, introductory slides, and sample reports. The training program centers on effective project management utilizing project templates and business rhythms. The course instructs PMs how to manage the entire lifecycle of a project from inception thru closeout, while teaching sound project management principles in accordance with iSPINE. integrateIT resources have trained approximately 3000 PMs since the inception of the course.  integrateIT resources teach at least one class per month, in addition to ad hoc classes at the request of Customers.  These courses are tailored specifically to the requirements of the customer organization.  integrateIT resources have received exemplary reviews from student surveys, receiving a 96 percent composite approval rating through March 2015.

integrateIT resources are responsible for all functional, facilitation, and technical aspects of a portfolio management training course for a Government entity.  integrateIT resources developed the core curriculum based on the Customer’s Microsoft Project Server implementation.  integrateIT resources establish the training environment prior to each class, configure the environment for classroom facilitation, and establish training templates and projects.  integrateIT resources developed a 50 page training guide for the course which focuses on operating the Government organization as if it were a commercial business.  integrateIT resources facilitate this course to over 20 Project Managers per month in a recurring class. 



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