Software Development and Systems Engineering

integrateIT resources provide enterprise software development services supporting accounting and budgeting directives. integrateIT resources serve in a lead development position with responsibilities including coding, system design, testing, and documentation. Working in an agile development environment, integrateIT resources design and develop several custom J2EE-based workflow applications built on Java, Spring, Hibernate, REST, SOAP, JavaScript, JQuery, and Oracle 11g technology. integrateIT resources build and maintain highly complex solutions across multiple technologies. By incorporating several languages, web service protocols, and database management systems, integrateIT resources successfully deploy extendible and scalable solutions to serve the customer's needs. integrateIT resources focus on data and records management as systems deploy on Oracle enterprise database platforms with stringent requirements for data authenticity, integrity, and security. The development work delivered by integrateIT resources became the foundation for several enterprise workflow applications.

With a reputation for applying fundamentals for usability and accessibility into critical software functionality, integrateIT resources created Web Based Training (WBTs) modules which outlined the operation of the software and provided instructions for application usage. The WBTs demonstrated key technical concepts in relation to acquisitions and credit cards as part of the system workflows. The WBTs were a critical component to educating a wide user base, necessary for the adoption of the new system.  These WBTs taught users advanced techniques and best practices in the operation of the application.

integrateIT resources built a state of the art financial system using Java, Hibernate, Spring and other web-based technologies.  This J2EE application eliminates an extensive paper trail, tedious logging, and constant system monitoring that were previously in place. With this system, Customers manage their workflow, receive notifications as needed, generate all necessary forms, and capture electronic signatures. Throughout this effort, integrateIT resources have maintained a close working relationship with the Customer and have continuously delivered ahead of schedule. In addition to satisfying the requirements, integrateIT resources built a unique architecture for this application that has been adopted by other projects.  As a result, integrateIT resources were awarded the Customer’s Innovation Award.

An integrateIT resource serves as the chief systems engineer of a seven person agile development team providing enterprise software development and integration efforts for a high profile project. integrateIT resources built a digital multimedia based collection system using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) virtualized in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. The customer is using this system to display its multimedia broadcasts on customer facing webpages, including video viewing of live multimedia streams (e.g. television, radio, and internet).  integrateIT resources built a time-phase architecture diagram that overlaid proposed AEM capabilities against the legacy system to show that there was no coverage gap between the new and legacy systems. The cloud-based system eliminates the need of maintaining the many stove-piped instances of the legacy system and is positioned to save the customer significant cost savings in operations and maintenance in the future.

The integrateIT resource serves as the preferred point of contact to solve difficult integration issues. The integrateIT resource was responsible for developing metadata standards that served as the backbone of the requirements for the agile development team.  In addition to meeting core requirements, integrateIT resources also designed an audio speech-to-text system to interoperate with the multimedia system and serve as an open source service for the rest of the division.

integrateIT resources are responsible for the design, development, deployment and maintenance of an in-demand web based software application. integrateIT resources followed a structured Agile-Scrum development cycle, with deployments every eight weeks.  integrateIT resources are responsible for all aspects of software development, including the design of application functionality. integrateIT resources translate business and technical requirements into application features in each major technical area of the software package, including the front-end user interface, back-end data ingestion code, and storage databases.

In addition to delivering software functionality, the integrateIT resources are responsible for delivering accompanying documentation. This documentation includes descriptively commented code, user manuals, wikis, and end-user training materials. In cooperation with the user community, integrateIT resources respond to all reported issues with the software, preparing and deploying patches to the application and databases as required.

The technical experience combined with a high level of customer service provided by the integrateIT resources has been invaluable to stakeholders of the software application. integrateIT resources regularly maintain the software and ensure that all code and application functionality is up to date. This provides tremendous value to the customer because the tool is in high demand, but funding restrictions limit the amount of available resource effort that can be put towards the new development of major releases.  The effective application of unit and integration testing in the development process has achieved an overall code coverage of 90%. The integrateIT developer achieved this through the use of manual and automated testing. The integrateIT resources’ experience in preserving data privacy has been a primary factor in the sustained usage of this program, while similar programs have been downsized or cancelled outright due to the growing privacy concerns within the industry.






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