Project and Portfolio Management

As a Prime Contractor, integrateIT resources were responsible for the implementation of an Enterprise Portfolio Management Solution (EPMS), which resulted in the Organization’s first Integrated Master Schedule (IMS).  The IMS consolidated project information from several disparate databases and included interdependencies with related external programs. The IMS features content from over 25 independently managed projects, showing the Organization’s true critical path while identifying areas of resource constraints and pain points.

integrateIT resources developed the standard operating procedures for master schedule development and maintenance.  This included the development of standardized project schedule templates and WBS for all projects within the program. The standardized schedule templates were pertinent to Waterfall, Agile, Iterative, and services related projects. Each project schedule was entered into the EPMS with enough detail to capture the portfolio’s critical path, including all required deliverables, tasks, and control gates.  The EPMS has provided the ability to conduct what-if analysis for new initiatives to ensure that all accepted projects meet the corporate vision and can be conducted with available resources.  This includes identification of resources, expenses, internal and external dependencies, funding, and risks.

integrateIT is responsible for resource management for the organization.  Prior to integrateIT starting on the contract, the organization did not have a central data repository for managing its resources.  integrateIT identified each resource, entered the resource into the EPMS, and captured relevant metadata for each resource.  The integrateIT team established a resource management forum for the organization. Resources were allocated against each activity within the IMS.  The integrateIT team ensured that resources were allocated to high profile activities, that resources were not over or under allocated, and that new initiatives were only started when resources were available.  The integrateIT team focused on identifying resource allocation issues and proactively adjusted staffing to mitigate risks.

integrateIT’s standardized templates and EPMS gave the organization its first enterprise wide IMS.  The centralized IMS provided real-time schedule analysis and metrics reporting, allowing for PMs to proactively mitigate against schedule risk. Weekly and quarterly deliverable reports were automated, providing a repeatable process that is used to create each report quickly and efficiently.  By retiring multiple legacy systems, the organization is now communicating real-time data to its stakeholders, thus raising stakeholder confidence in the data that is consumed. integrateIT resources serve in a forward deployed fashion, assisting PMs on the development and maintenance of their project schedules, to ensure quality and accuracy in reporting. 

integrateIT resources serve as the Contractor lead for a portfolio management team that manages a $450 million annual portfolio.  By developing project templates and business rhythms, integrateIT resources created a new annual investment review process centered around an EPMS, providing the organization with a comprehensive understanding of its entire portfolio of projects. The Organization utilized the EPMS as a single data source for all portfolio management data and capital planning.  By implementing the EPMS, the Government Client was able to sunset over 150 disparate portfolio management tools.  The integrateIT led EPMS implementation encourages automation, facilitates corporate reporting, eliminates the need for multiple data repositories, and reduces data inaccuracies.  As a result, the Government was able to hold in-depth discussions with stakeholders to establish priorities, monitor and control efforts, and make appropriate trade-off decisions.

integrateIT resources managed the Government Client’s annual portfolio on an iterative and annual basis.  integrateIT resources began capturing portfolio information with the release of the Congressional Budget Justification Book (CBJB).  Pertinent metadata was captured for each project, including funding source, Budget Line Item (BLI) numbers, and mission purpose.  As the annual portfolio cycle matured, high-level programs were turned into granular projects that were managed by PMs.  integrateIT resources baselined the project schedules and began running spend plan and milestone completion reports, which enabled the Government Client to proactively mitigate cost and schedule variances.

The information made available by the EPMS implementation allowed the organization to satisfy major Congressional, Agency, and Portfolio Management requirements.  As a result of the EPMS implementation, the organization can now capture EVM metrics, which is a Congressional and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) requirement.  Additionally, integrateIT resources developed the Government Client’s first Internal Use Software report.  This report mitigated a Congressional audit finding against the Government Client which had been previously unresolved for over 12 years.

integrateIT resources serve as the implementation lead of an EPMS for a major working capital fund (WCF) program.  integrateIT resources provide Project Management services, user training, and customer support services pertaining to the operation of the EPMS and the use of best practices. Support services include developing project schedules, report creation, troubleshooting technical issues, and resolving financial discrepancies.

integrateIT resources serve as the Project Manager for each new EPMS product release.   The integrateIT team develops the implementation schedule, interfaces with stakeholders (senior managers, project managers, and security resources), and completes thorough testing of the new version to minimize any chance of incompatibility.  integrateIT resources led the deployment of Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP). This is the native reporting tool designed to integrate seamlessly with the EPMS that allows users to create pixel-perfect reports. integrateIT resources were responsible for each facet of the deployment of BIP, to include the development of data models, establishment of security profiles, configuration of databases, and creation of BIP reports.  integrateIT resources are responsible for providing EPMS users with release notes and job aids documenting any new work processes.

integrateIT resources conducted a special review of budget execution issues within the WCF’s existing financial tool. In order to improve the budget execution process, integrateIT resources led the implementation of the WCF’s new financial tool.  Leading an integrated team composed of senior management, project managers, and finance officers, integrateIT resources successfully migrated financial data to the new tool. The transition to a new financial tool improved the efficiency of finance officers by reducing the time required for the monthly budget execution process from one week to three hours









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